A guaranteed show-stopper – There's no way you won't feel like a real showgirl with this spectacular Showgirl Bustle!


They are made with Vegan "feathers", as I like to call them ;)


These bustles have made appearances in two Triomphe de Femme shows as well as Dabbers Burlesque Bingo in London. They're an amazing bit of costume to add to your final look for the super extra oomph!




{ D E T A I L S }


WAISTBAND – The waistband is custom sized for a perfect fit. You can choose to have a popper opening for easy removal, or not. The waistband colour will match your selected colour(s) as closely as possible.


Elastic styles do vary slightly (some have one scalloped edge and some don't, it depends on the colour). Both elastic styles are 25mm wide. If you would like something else (thinner, thicker, etc.), please get in touch.


BUSTLE WEIGHT – These items are very lightweight and very easy to move about in. Honestly - they're so airy!


BUSTLE LENGTH – There are 3 different length options. All bustles will be multilength. it's up to you how long the longest pieces are.


  • Short: 65 cm / 25.5 inches
  • Medium: 95 cm / 37.5 inches
  • Long: 125 cm / 49.5 inches



COLOURS – There are some beautiful colour options for you - If you're looking for a colour that isn't listed feel free to contact us so we can get you the colour(s) of your dreams!



Vivacious Vegan Feather Showgirl Bustle

How many colours?
Would you like the waistband to open? (poppers)
  • The Playful Pear Showgirl Bustles are not too fragile and are great for the stage. Here are some helpful tips to care for your bustle:


    1. UPKEEP: I do not suggest pulling on the individual pieces of the bustles as this could cause them to unfurl! Which isn't very cute.


    2. STORAGE: These are SUPER fluffy as you can see and will keep their fluffiness more if you keep them hung up while storing. Hang it on a coat rack, a hanger, a chandelier - whatever you want! Just make sure it's not smooshed so that it keeps it's big, bouncy shape!


    3. CLEANING: Did you get something sticky on your bustle? Light handwashing is recommended.

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