Want to embellish your own pasties? These bases are perfect for you! Embellish as much as your heart desires - you could use glitter, rhinestones, moss, flowers! 


The back is lined with a beautiful leatherette material (colours vary and are chosen randomly). If you choose an Illusion Base it will come with a tulle that exceeds the perimeter of the base by approx. 1 cm.


---> This listing is for the base ONLY. Rhinestones not included.





{O R D E R I N G}


1. Choose your Base - Illusion or Plain (Illusion comes in CIRCLE shape ONLY)


2. Choose your TPP Size!


3. In the CUSTOM section at please include:

      • What shape you would like - choose circle, star, or heart

      • The base colour you would like (if you want a custom one, enter it)

DIY Pasties | Base Only

Base Style
Base Colour
Playful Pear Size
  • Your custom pasties or tassels care routine can vary depending on the materials used (feathers, fur, etc).


    I recommend the same cleaning and care instructions for every pair of The Playful Pear pasties or tassels:


    1. BODY TAPE: When adding body tape, do your best to only place the tape on the inner leatherette (the part that touches the body). Body tape is really sticky (obviously) and we don't want it to attach it to anything that might be difficult to remove it from.


    2. BODY TAPE REMOVAL: Remove all body tape from the pasties or tassels as soon as you remove them from yourself. This will help to avoid tearing/removing color from the leatherette material.


    3. CLEANING: To clean, only use a damp cloth or wipe on the leatherette material only. Do not submerge in water or overly wet. They don't need a bath, I promise!

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