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We accept all major credits cards & PayPal.

Returns, Exchanges, Cancellations

We do not offer returns nor exchanges. Due to the nature of the items made at The Playful Pear, all sales are final.

Orders placed within the last 24 hours can request a cancellation. After the 24 hour period cancellations will no longer be accepted.


The estimated shipping times below are effective only after the production time of 1-3 weeks. Product time depends on a variety of factors such as order queue, number of items within an order, accessibility of materials, etc.

RUSH ORDERS: If you need to rush the order, there are shipping upgrades available - please get in contact about the date you are hoping to have your item by.

United Kingdom 
1st Class | 1 - 2 days

2nd Class | 3 - 4 days


International Tracked | 3 - 4 days
International Standard | 5 - 7 days

North America (US, Canada, Mexico)
International Tracked | 5 - 7 days

International Standard | 6 - 8 days

Rest of the World

International Tracked | Days Vary

International Standard | Days Vary

Sizing & Care

Sizes are based on nipple dimensions, not bra cup size. To assure correct fit, measure the diameter of both areolas directly up & down, and side to side. Round up the largest of the two measurements to the nearest whole or half number as the size.

For example, if you measure a 2.8cm across and 2.5cm up & down, round up to "3cm". Your size corresponds to your diameter, see chart below:

Your care routine can vary depending on the materials used (feathers, fur, etc). We recommend the same cleaning and care instructions for all Playful Pear pasties, tassels, and merkins:

1. BODY TAPE: When adding body tape, do your best to only place the tape on the inner leatherette (the part that touches the body). Body tape is really sticky (obviously) and we don't want it to attach it to anything that might be difficult to remove it from.

2. BODY TAPE REMOVAL: Remove all body tape from the pasties or tassels as soon as you remove them from yourself. This will help to avoid tearing/removing color from the leatherette material.

3. CLEANING: To clean, only use a damp cloth or wipe on the leatherette material only. Do not submerge in water or overly wet. They don't need a bath, we promise!

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